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 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize Description
Taking Action: Looking Before We LeapBrad HoltzPDF11/3/2014827.33 KBDownloadArticle/Paper presented at Global Action Summit, Novemeber 2014
Modeling and Simulation to Support Risk Management in Complex EnvironmentsBrad HoltzPDF11/3/2014412.47 KBDownloadPaper presented by John Cummings at TISP 2014
Presentation at TISP, Colorado Springs, CO, April 2014Brad HoltzPDF11/3/20141.35 MBDownloadSlide deck from John Cummings Presentation at TISP 2014
NATO/EU-SCO - "Supermodels Enable Wider Thinking", Bucharest, September 2013Brad HoltzPPTX11/3/20143.20 MBDownloadPresentation given to the First NATO/EU-SCO Think-Tank Meeting Event title: New Security Challenges - perspectives from the West and from the East Given September 24, 2013
Presented at COFES 2013, Mike Riddle: New Programing Paradigm, Scottsdale, April 2013Brad HoltzPDF11/3/20146.46 MBDownloadSlide deck from Mike Riddle's presentation at COFES 2013: New Programming Paradigm
Presentation to EABIS, at IMD, Lausanne, July 2012Brad HoltzPPT11/3/20141.34 MBDownloadDriving Decisions on Sustainability where Data and Models are Controlled by Conflicting Stakeholders
Adrian Gheorghe on Energy, April 2012Brad HoltzPPTX11/3/201410.42 MBDownload 
Presentation at EcoBuild, Washington, DC, December 2011Brad HoltzPPT11/3/20149.26 MBDownloadIntroducing The Center for Understanding Change
John Voeller's COFES 2011 Keynote, Scottsdale, April 2011Brad HoltzPPT11/3/201412.56 MBDownloadWider Thinking