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 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize Description
Taking Action: Looking Before We LeapBrad HoltzPDF11/3/2014827.33 KBDownloadArticle/Paper presented at Global Action Summit, Novemeber 2014
Modeling and Simulation to Support Risk Management in Complex EnvironmentsBrad HoltzPDF11/3/2014412.47 KBDownloadPaper presented by John Cummings at TISP 2014
Presentation at TISP, Colorado Springs, CO, April 2014Brad HoltzPDF11/3/20141.35 MBDownloadSlide deck from John Cummings Presentation at TISP 2014
NATO/EU-SCO - "Supermodels Enable Wider Thinking", Bucharest, September 2013Brad HoltzPPTX11/3/20143.20 MBDownloadPresentation given to the First NATO/EU-SCO Think-Tank Meeting Event title: New Security Challenges - perspectives from the West and from the East Given September 24, 2013
Presented at COFES 2013, Mike Riddle: New Programing Paradigm, Scottsdale, April 2013Brad HoltzPDF11/3/20146.46 MBDownloadSlide deck from Mike Riddle's presentation at COFES 2013: New Programming Paradigm
Presentation to EABIS, at IMD, Lausanne, July 2012Brad HoltzPPT11/3/20141.34 MBDownloadDriving Decisions on Sustainability where Data and Models are Controlled by Conflicting Stakeholders
Adrian Gheorghe on Energy, April 2012Brad HoltzPPTX11/3/201410.42 MBDownload 
Presentation at EcoBuild, Washington, DC, December 2011Brad HoltzPPT11/3/20149.26 MBDownloadIntroducing The Center for Understanding Change
John Voeller's COFES 2011 Keynote, Scottsdale, April 2011Brad HoltzPPT11/3/201412.56 MBDownloadWider Thinking
Our Mandate
At COFES2011, John Voeller explained the $60M investment in modeling critical infrastructure and proposes getting these models in the hands of a non-profit. C4UC was formed to address this.
John Voeller COFES 2011 Keynote
The full, hour-long keynote on "Wider Thinking," that John Voeller presented at COFES2011. Posted here with permission of Cyon Research.
EVTK Tutorial at SFI
Mike Riddle's tutorial on the EVTK, given at the Santa Fe Institute, October 2013. EVTK is the basis for C4UC's breakthrough technology.

A New Paradigm for Programming
At the first COFES -- COFES 2000 -- Mike Riddle asked why we were still programming with tools that were designed to work for hardware that existed 30 years prior. He spent the next 14 years building a new framework for programing that assumes the hardware of 2010, not 1970. This new paradigm is presented here for the first time in a public forum.
Decision Making Tutorial at SFI
David Ullman's tutorial on robust decision making, given at the Santa Fe Institute, October 2013.

C4UC Decision Making
David Ullman explains robust decision making in this 2011 video.
Visualizing Complexity
Joseph Juhnke's presentation on visualization, presented as part of Maieutic Parataxis at COFES 2013