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Dr. Miriam Heller, Director for Model and Data Integrity

Dr. Heller serves as the Director for Model and Data Integrity with the Center for Understanding Change (C4UC). She ensures quality client solutions based on her expertise in modeling selection, verification and validation and her skills in predictive analytics, machine learning, and statistics. Dr. Heller’s broad toolbox enables C4UC to provide the right tools to analyze and manage complex decisions and risks.

With 30 years of research and consulting experience in sustainable and resilient infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure, and learning and workforce development, Dr. Heller helps C4UC address environment, energy and security concerns for clients in academe, industry, and government at all levels, domestically and internationally.

Dr. Heller is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s mediaX, holds an adjunct professorship at JHU, teaching Cities and Climate Change, and is a past AAAS Science and Engineering Fellow, Senior Research Fulbright Scholar, and National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering invited speaker. She has published over 40 articles, book chapters and government reports in systems engineering methodologies and tools for civil infrastructure and environmental systems. She holds a B.S. from the University of Rochester and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Systems Analysis from the John Hopkins University (JHU).

Miriam Heller
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