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Mike Riddle, Director of Meta-Model Architecture

Mike is the Director of Meta-Model Architecture for the Center for Understanding Change. Mike, the author of Interact, the program on which the first version of AutoCAD was based, and one of the original Autodesk founders, is a world class programmer that thrives in refining the use of CAD-like interfaces to reach transparency and improve platform portability. Mr. Riddle has written the software infrastructure for the Center for Understanding Change that serves as the underlying technology to combine and integrate models and date from diverse stakeholders to roll up information into a larger supermodel.

Engineering News Record (ENR) listed Mike Riddle as one of the “Top 125 people in the construction industry in the last 125 years” in 1999. Machine Design awarded Mike’s company, Evolution Computing” its 1992 CAD/CAM leader award. He received a Lifetime Achievement award from the CAD Society in 2008.

Mike Riddle
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