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Joseph Juhnke, Director of Visualization

Joseph serves as the Director of Visualization for the Center for Understanding Change. Joe, in this unique role, applies his understanding of the interaction between design and augmented reality experiences.

Joseph Juhnke, founder of NovemberKiloEcho, and Product & Business Development Lead for ASAPer, LLC, has more than 15 years of digital product design experience. Over the past years, Joseph led teams for several advanced research projects including the design and development of augmented reality concepts for DARPA (Dismounted Soldier) and The Department of Homeland Security (First Responder). Through this work, Joseph has developed a deep understanding of the future of interaction design as we transition to augmented reality experiences. Building upon his roots in art, communication, technology, music, and mechanics, Joseph believes that technology can only be great when it is supported by insightful design that discourages intrusiveness and emphasizes relevance. The best technology is invisible.

Joseph holds three consecutive undergraduate degrees in communications, art, and graphic design (BFA) from the Western Michigan University.

Joseph Juhnke
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