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Dr. David Ullman, Director of Decision Science

David serves as the Center for Understanding Change consultant to customers to formulate decision tools and methodologies. David is an internationally recognized expert on product development and decision making best practices. David’s knowledge and practical experience in engineering, systems and business serves decision makers when faced with uncertain data; multiple stakeholders; and poorly understood physical, business and social phenomena.

Dr. Ullman has founded two corporations to commercialize his ideas. The first company manufactured personal transportation products and second corporation, Robust Decisions, provides software, training and facilitation for his Robust Decisions concepts.

David holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University, and is a Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Design at Oregon State University. He is a Life Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and founder of its Design Theory and Methodology committee. He is currently working on the 5th edition of The Mechanical Design Process, (McGraw Hill). He is the author of Making Robust Decisions, a compendium of decision making wisdom.

David Ullman
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