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Brian Seitz, Systems Engineer

Brian serves as a systems engineer and enterprise architect for The Center for Understanding Change. In this role, Brian provides consulting services to clients in areas such as design planning, the use of tools, process reengineering and development of various information technology architectures.

Mr. Seitz has worked at various organizations including Microsoft, IBM, and Honeywell in a range of positions relating to manufacturing systems, data analytics and custom software applications. Brian most recent endeavors are assisting clients with strategic planning, researching methods and techniques used to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Brian has worked 30 years in independent Research and Development activities. He is a major contributor to Microsoft Active Directory Conceptual Design as well as Microsoft Rapid Economic Justification (REJ), Value Realignment Framework (VRF) and Operational Framework (MOF). While at IBM, Brian was a contributor to ISIS, Zachman Framework. Brian also contributed to ISO 10303, 9000, Enterprise Modeling Standards.

Brian Seitz
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