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Our Team

C4UC - The Center for Understanding Change

  • Richard Marshall Executive Director  former director, Global Cyber Security Management, DHS, legislative affairs officer, NSA, and deputy director, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, Dept. of Commerce
  • Dr. John Cummings Chief Scientist former Director of R&D for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Department of Homeland Security
  • Dr. Malcolm Davies Director of Marketing Founder, Techevate, former CEO Gehry Technologies, SVP Autodesk, VP GE
  • Dr. Adrian V. Gheorghe International Science Director Senior Research Scientist, National Centers of System of Systems Engineering, and Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure
  • Dr. Miriam Heller Director of Model and Data Integrity former Director of Information Technology Research Advancement, University of Southern California, and former Program Director, Office of  Cyberinfrastructure, National Science Foundation
  • Dr. Phares Noel Constituent Advocate Adjunct Professor Computer Science, University of Michigan-Flint, former Platform Executive, Advance Manufacturing Engineering Chrysler Corporation
  • Dr. David Ullman Director of Decision Science founder, Robust Decisions
  • Chris De Neef Director of European Operations founder, Fast Track Consulting
  • Carolyn Castillo Business Planning former Program Management Specialist, Boeing and Senior Examiner for the California Council for Excellence
  • Mike Riddle Director of Meta-Model Architecture author of the program on which AutoCAD was based (Interact) and co-founder, Autodesk
  • Brian Seitz Systems Engineer former Chief Process Manager and Architect of IBM’s marketing process, and former Architecture and Methodology Senior Technologist, Microsoft
Board of Directors
  • John Voeller Chairman of the Board  former Chief Technical Officer, Black & Veatch
  • Silvana Nani Member of the Board Serial entrepreneur (domestic and international), former associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, former managing partner at Domus-USA
  • Steve Arquitt Member of the Board Policy Analyst and Modeler, Millennium Institute
  • Dana K. 'Deke' Smith, FAIA Member of the Board former Executive Director, buildingSMART alliance, National Institute of Building Sciences, former Chief Architect, Installations & Environment, Department of Defense
Board of Science Advisors
  • Dr. Robert ‘Doc’ Hall Chairman, Compression Institute, and Professor Emeritus, Indiana University
  • Dick Morley inventor of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), anti-lock brakes, and the floppy-disk
Board of Business Advisors
  • Dr. Oleg Shilovitsky founder, Inforbix, and former Chief Technical Officer, Smarteam
  • Scott Brinks Principal, ICN Management, LLC, former Chief Logistic Officer, GeoLogistics Corp.

former Members of the Board of Directors

  • W. Bradley Holtz Chief Strategy Officer co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cyon Research, & Chief Nexus Officer, Coventry Computer
  • Richard Riff President, Executive Consulting; former Ford Technical Fellow, Ford Motor Company
  • Chuck House Executive Director, innovaScapes Institute; Chancellor Emeritus, Cogswell Polytechical College;  former CTO, HP; and former Executive Director, MediaX, Stanford University
  • Dr. Richard H.F. Jackson Founding Director, FIATECH; and former Director, Manufacturing Engineering, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • David M. Hammond former Senior Program Manager, US Coast Guard; Co-Founder and Executive Board Member, buildingSMART alliance, National Institute of Building Sciences; and Co-Chair, Emerging Information Technology Committee, Federal Facilities Council, National Academy of Science


  • W. Bradley Holtz

C4UC - The Center for Understanding Change

Contact C4UC:,  or +1-443-718-1833

  • W. Bradley Holtz Me
  • W. Bradley Holtz Me