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The Center for Understanding Change has applied for 501c3 status and may accept tax deductible donations.

C4UC provides (or will provide) the following goods and services to organizations:


C4UC has developed (and continues to develop) a framework platform capable of connecting solvers from various types on models (system dynamic and agent-based models, for example). C4UC provides its framework to organizations.  

C4UC also provides to organizations, an API to its framework so that organizations make create the tools necessary to allow their software to interoperate with C4UC’s framework.


C4UC assists organizations in the access, creation, and exercise of system dynamic models (and other models), and it assists organization in determining research direction and in reaching decisions, based on the results of such research.

C4UC collaborates with other entities, in the creation of “super-models”- ad hoc combined federated models (system dynamic and agent-based models, for instance). C4UC also exercises those models in the public interest.

C4UC assists organizations in understanding the output of model-based explorations of research questions.

C4UC assists organizations in determining what additional areas on inquiry (what models to explore) in order to get to the most robust decision.

C4UC assists organizations interested in tying their model platform into C4UC’s model framework.